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Paradise Valley, AZ

Welcome to Paradise Valley AZ Homes! Your best online resource for finding homes for sale in Paradise Valley, Arizona. We have some of the best listings for Paradise Valley AZ homes on the Web. And when the name says “Paradise,” it isn’t kidding. The median home price in Paradise Valley is close to $2 million. Paradise Valley truly is a “paradise” for people who love luxury homes.

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Paradise Valley AZ Homes for Sale

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Paradise Valley is located in the upper portion of the Phoenix metro area. It’s located northeast of Phoenix City itself, and due east from Sun City and Glendale. Scottsdale is just south of the city. Paradise Valley is also located north of Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler. All of these cities are part of greater Phoenix, which at 4.2 million people, is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States.

However, Paradise Valley is a world apart from the hubbub of downtown Phoenix. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Paradise Valley is 12,820. It’s located a little higher than the rest of the metro, and set apart from much of the urban crowding. Many of the homes in Paradise Valley are far apart from one another. And being in a little higher elevation, Paradise Valley also has a great view of the bigger city where two-thirds of Arizona’s population resides. Use this website to browse homes in Paradise Valley AZ!