$10 Million+ Homes for Sale in Paradise Valley

Some homes in Paradise Valley have been known to be priced around $40 million. Homes that expensive don’t often show up on the home listings. However, there are often homes for sale priced at $10 million, $12 million, even $20 million! Whatever the capped price is on your budget, there’s probably a home for you in Paradise Valley.

And keep in mind that the more money you pay for a home, the more amenities you receive. Some of these luxury homes have up to eight bedrooms and a dozen bathrooms. They also might have expansive yards, swimming pools.

One home currently listed on this site even has its own golf link!

See $10 Million Homes

There aren’t a ton of homes for sale in this price range. But they’re always listed and updated frequently. Check back often on this website to see new listings. However, to see more $10 million+ home listings, check out this link: High End Luxury Homes.

Most homes here have at least one acre of property.

The founding citizens of Paradise Valley wanted to preserve a rural heritage. That doesn’t mean cows and shepherd dogs, but it does mean space. Even on some of the main streets of Paradise Valley, the homes are a fair distance apart. Of course, there are cul-de-sacs where the homes are much closer together. But it’s not like you’re crowded in at all angles. Most properties have at least one acre of land (though many homes have much more than that). And whether that one acre extends backwards, to the side, or out front, depends on the home that you buy!

The city has done its part to help create the most ideal living conditions in Paradise Valley. Luxury homes, plenty of room to breathe, but all contained in the greater urban area of Phoenix, and you’ve got yourself a little bit of heaven on earth. You could call it “Paradise.”