$2-$2.9 Million Homes for Sale

$2 million is right at the median range for homes in Paradise Valley. The actual estimate is somewhere around $1.7 million for median value. But keep this in mind: when you live in Paradise Valley, there’s no expense for quality living. And just because they’re only “median” ranked doesn’t mean that they aren’t luxurious. These homes are beautiful, with all of the best real estate features you can think of.

That’s because when you buy a home in Paradise Valley, you’re not just buying a home — you’re buying a lifestyle!

Paradise Valley $2 Million Homes

There are over 60 homes available for your perusal. To see the complete listings for homes in the $2 million range, take a gander at Paradise Valley Median Range Homes.

Spare no expense for luxury with a Paradise Valley home.

Even though the homes are high-priced, the cost of living is ever-so-slightly below the average cost of living index in the United States. There are many luxurious areas like Paradise Valley throughout the United States — but many have extremely high costs of living. Not in Paradise Valley! Live in a great home, in a beautiful location, with all of the best amenities, and save bundles more than your luxury counterparts of upper scale places neighborhoods of New York City and Los Angeles.

The population density is also low — only 800 people per square mile. Now, that’s not rural, but it is low compared to the nation as a whole. Paradise Valley is also a great place to sell a home. Some 800 homes were sold in 2011 alone. Even in 2008 when the housing market collapsed, there were still over 150 homes sold in Paradise Valley at the market’s lowest point in early 2009.

The population of Paradise Valley as of the 2010 Census is 12,820. The zip code here is 85253. The estimated median household income in 2009 was just under $138,000.