$4 – $4.9 Million Homes for Sale in Paradise valley

$4 Million homes are a luxurious way to live in Paradise Valley. As you can see from the listings below, these aren’t your ordinary million-dollar places to live! These are elegant, extraordinary buildings that enliven living experiences.

We can’t take you on an actual tour of each home, but we have provided a way that you can see each home virtually.

Just click on the picture of the home below to learn more about the property and experience a personal tour — right from your computer.

Paradise Valley $4 Million Homes for Sale

There are more homes listed than just the ones in the box below. To check out the complete list, please see Paradise Valley $4 Mil Residences.

$4 mil homes come pre-packaged with technology capabilities.

Most people consider many important aspects when they buy a new home. You know, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, yards, neighbors, location, that sort of thing. But do potential homebuyers ever consider the potential for technology in the home? After all, we live in a digital age!

Here’s the good news: all of the $4 million homes in Paradise Valley (and most if not all the homes listed for all other prices) come pre-packaged with multiple technological capabilities. Of course, you’ll have to pay a company to actually get the services, but you won’t have to worry about installation or wiring or anything like that. These houses are already wired!

When you buy a home in this price range, you can expect to have multiple telephone lines, cable TV hook-ups, satellite dish options, network wiring, and available high speed internet. Some homes have electronic security systems already installed. And some homes come with a smart home system to control many of your electronic features — talk about being ahead of the curve for technological home living!