Arroyo Heights Neighborhood

Arroyo Heights is a small neighborhood in southwestern Paradise Valley, close to the borders of Scottsdale and some outer Phoenix suburbs. The streets in Arroyo Heights include East San Miguel Avenue, North 38th Place, North 39th Street, and East Rancho Drive. The roads in the neighborhood are fairly small and narrow because traffic is really low. Houses are separated by long stretches of undeveloped Phoenix mountain country.

And as you might imagine, the terrain is dry and rocky, populated with sparse desert shrubs, palm trees, and tall saguaro cactuses (don’t be surprised to have one in your own yard!).

Homes For Sale in Arroyo Heights

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Looking for space in the Phoenix area? Try Arroyo Heights!

Speaking of yards, it’s really hard to keep a lawn in Paradise Valley, so many people line their driveways with colorful rocks to designate driving areas apart from their “yards.” (There are some grass lawns, but not many!). But after each stretch of rugged Arizona territory, you come to the best homes in the Phoenix area. Many of the homes are in the millions-of-dollars price range.

Keep in mind that most of the homes in Arroyo Heights have at least one acre of property, if not more. So the terrain in between the houses represents a meaningful western ideal that the founding fathers of Paradise Valley tried to embody: open space!

Arroyo Heights is a great place for people who want neighbors, but also want to have some distance between them to “sandwich” the distance. If there aren’t many homes listed above for Arroyo Heights, make sure to check out our other listings in this website.