Biltmore View Estates Neighborhood

B iltmore View Estates is an affluent neighborhood in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It gets its name from one of the prominent mountains in the Phoenix Mountains Reserve. The neighborhood itself is located in the southwest corner Paradise Valley. The two streets that run through the neighborhood are East Rose Lane and North Homestead Lane.

The browsing process is very simple. Take a look at the listings below. Once you find a home that you like, simply click on the picture to be taken to more information and more photos. Paradise Valley has some of the best homes in the Phoenix area, and Biltmore View Estates is one of the best neighborhoods to live in!

Homes for Sale in Biltmore View Estates


Biltmore View Estates is a well-maintained neighborhood.

Some neighborhoods in Paradise Valley work with the Arizona sun and desert terrain as part of an overall look. But Biltmore View Estates tries hard to cultivate a lot of beautiful trees, bushes, and other plant life to turn Arizona from its natural rocky state to something a little more green. Homestead Lane, one of the prominent streets in Biltmore view Estates, is lined with trees. And many of the properties are covered with them. And you’d better believe that the houses here–unlike the houses in other neighborhoods–have fantastic green lawns. Sometimes, above all the lines of trees, you’ll see a towering palm tree from one of the multi million dollar properties in the neighborhood.

Here’s some examples of the incredible amenities you can possibly look forward to as you get ready to purchase a new home in Biltmore View Estates: multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms (7+), sport courts, a separate guest house, in-house libraries with a built-in bookcase, a breakfast bar, eat-in kitchen, tubs with jets, full bath master bedrooms, game rooms, sports courts, and more. Of course, the kind of amenities depend on the house itself, but some of these features are common to high class Paradise Valley homes.