Bret Hills Neighborhood

B ret Hills is a neighborhood in southeastern Paradise Valley. It consists of the houses on East Maverick Road, North 62nd Place, East Bret Hills Drive, and East Ironwood Drive. The main road that leads into these three streets is North Invergordon Road, though Ironwood also connects with East Northern Avenue / East Mockingbird Lane.

Now that you know where it is, let us clue you in on a secret: Bret Hills is a stellar neighborhood. The gorgeous homes here are often in the low millions, and there’s plenty of open space between every house. Check out the home listings for Bret Hills below. When you see a home you like, click on the picture of the home itself to be taken to more information and additional photos.

Homes for Sale in Bret Hills

There are higher-priced and affordable homes in Bret Hills.

Some of the estates in Bret Hills–and take our word for it, they’re honest-to-goodness estates–are lined with trees. Other homes take advantage of the natural landscape, and use the sunburned rocks as a great way to decorate their fancy desert yard. As with most homes in Paradise Valley, each home sets on at least one acre of property, giving you plenty of room between you and your Arizona neighbors.

Even the lower-end homes in Bret Hills have several bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate any size of household. These homes, too, come with important home features that help make your home purchase a good investment. Many upper-end homes in the city come with state-of-the-art amenities in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and outside in yard. Many even have special game rooms, libraries, and additional guest accommodations. When you buy a home in Paradise Valley, you’re virtually guaranteed high quality. Make sure to use this website to find the right home for your price range and home needs.