Camelback Foothills Neighborhood

C amelback Foothills is a neighborhood in Paradise Valley. It’s located in the southwestern portion of the city. Roughly, it covers the following streets: North 40th Street, North 41st Street, North 41st Place, North 42nd Street, North 44th Street, Hogahn Drive, East Keim Drive, East McDonald Drive, and East Rose Lane.

The neighborhood is called the “foothills” because part of it is slightly more inclined than the rest of the city, giving a great view of the Phoenix peaks (including Camelback Mountain) and the surrounding valley. Like the rest of Paraidse Valley, the homes in the Camelback Foothills are very affluent. You can find homes here in the million-dollar range or higher. You may also be able to find a handful of homes under $1 million.

Homes for Sale in Camelback Foothills

Listings for the Foothills are below. When you see a home that you like, click on the picture to be taken to more info and more photos. Many of the homes have over 20 photos for you to browse!

Camelback Foothills homes are oases in the Arizona desert.

Let’s take a pretend drive down one of the streets in Camelback Foothills. All around you, you see open Arizona country. The coloring around looks brown and dusty. There are needly cactuses. The rocks are sunburned and hot (and if you’re not wearing sunglasses, you’re probably squinting!). Off in the distance are the towering brown peaks of Mummy Mountain and, of course, Camelback Mountain. You think to yourself, “This place sure is rugged and dirty, like from an old Western film.”

But then you come to it: a beautiful Paradise Valley home. It stands out like a castle against the Arizona sky. It may have a gate in the driveway. There is no grassy lawn, but the shrubs and cactuses outside the house are well-manicured and almost artistic. Each home has at least one acre of property, giving lots of freedom and space. And then you realize it: the gorgeous homes in Camelback Foothills are no less than a desert oasis.

Truly, even in the hot Arizona sun, you’re going to find some of the most beautiful homes in America. Check them out today by browsing the above listings. Who knows, you could find your very own Paradise Valley home right here on this website.