Cheney Neighborhoods

Cheney Estates, Cheney Ranch Estates, Cheney Heights, Cheney Manor & Cheney Place


There are five neighborhoods that make up the Cheney area of Paradise Valley: Cheney Estates, Cheney Ranch Estates, Cheney Heights, Cheney Manor, and Cheney Place. Here on Paradise Valley AZ Homes, we’ve combined them all into one real estate area for you to browse! To find out more about each individual neighborhood, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The neat thing about these Cheney Estates is that they’re sandwiched between two golf courses, the Camelback Golf Club (in Paradise Valley) and the McCormick Ranch Golf Club (in Scottsdale).

The presence of private golf clubs always indicates one thing: beautiful homes located around them. Many of the homes for sale in this area are priced between $1 and $5 million.

Cheney Estates Homes for Sale

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Cheney Estates

This is a gated community right on the border of Scottsdale, and is literally sandwiched between the two golf courses. There is no common price for homes here, as many are listed around $2 million and others upwards of $5 million. As a gated community there are some association fees that pay for cable or satellite, street maintenance, garbage collection, and common area maintenance. The common area includes a community tennis court and guarded entry.

There are only two entrances into the community, as a eight-foot-tall wall runs around the neighborhood. The west entrance is located by turning east from North 70th Street onto East Foothill Drive. The south entrance is located by turning north onto North 71st Street from East Cheney Drive. The following streets are located within the community: East Bronco Drive, North 71st Place, East Belmont Avenue, East Morten Avenue, East Paradise Ranch Road, and East Paradise Canyon Road.


Cheney Ranch Estates

Cheney Ranch Estates is located west of the Camelback Golf Club in Paradise Valley. It comprises 15 residences located on East Sapphire Lane, North Mohave Road, East Mockingbird Lane, and North Morning Glory Road. The homes here are also well-manicured and luxurious. Residents of Cheney Ranch Estates are afforded a gorgeous view of the northern side of Mummy Mountain.


Cheney Heights

Cheney Heights is a cul-de-sac of eight residences on East Bronco Drive, the part of the street that does not run through the gated community of Cheney Estates. Many of the homes in this tucked-away neighborhood are valued between $2 – $4 million. Many of the properties have large palm trees.


Cheney Manor

Cheney Manor is a very small block of homes in southeastern Paradise Valley, close to the golf clubs and just a few blocks from Scottsdale. There are eight houses in Cheney Manor. Five are located on the East Cholla Drive cul-de-sac, while the other three have driveways leading to either North 66th Street or East Cheney Drive.


Cheney Place

Cheney Place is another gated community of 20 houses located right on the eastern border of Paradise Valley next to Scottsdale. The association fees include cable or satellite TV, street maintenance, garbage collection, and maintenance for the common area. This common area has community tennis court. The fees also pay for the guarded entry into the community. These homes are valued between $1 – $3 million.

You access Cheney Place through either of the guarded gates on North 71st Street (north entrance) or by turning north from East Hummingbird Lane (south entrance). East Valley Trail, East Bluebird Lane, and North 71st Place are also located within Cheney Place.