Homes with Children’s Play Areas in Paradise Valley

You’re a family person. You’ve got kids, or at least kids come to visit . . . a lot. You’ve got all the luxury features you could ever want in a home — after all, this is Paradise Valley. But you’ve learned very quickly that kids don’t care so much about the kinds of features in homes that adults do. Maybe they think the swimming pool is fun, or the basketball court is pretty cool. But when it comes right down to it, reverse osmosis, fully-furnished bathrooms, kitchen islands, and a separate guest house just don’t matter that much to a kid.

What you need is a children’s play area. These areas vary from home to home, and have different playing equipment.

But one thing’s for sure: kids — whether they’re your kids or your visitors’ kids — are sure to enjoy coming over when you let them run free in their very own territory: their imaginations.

Homes with Children's Play Areas

All of the homes below have Children’s Play Areas listed in their descriptions. To browse these homes, just click on the photo of the home. Keep in mind that this list comprises only those homes that were listed in the past 30 days. To see all the homes with play areas, please visit Paradise Homes with Play Areas.

There are several schools in Paradise Valley — both private and public.

Children’s Play Areas are fantastic — and there’s so many for you to choose from — but what about the schools for your kids? Fortunately, people in Paradise Valley really value the quality of education for their children. Here are a list of elementary schools in the city:

Public Schools
Kiva Elementary School
Cherokee Elementary School
Kachina Country Day School
Montessori Academy

Private Schools
Camelback Desert School
Camelback Christian School
Tesseract School
Desert View Learning Center