Colonia Miramonte Resort Condos

L ike style? Colonia Miramonte is for you. These condominiums are located right next to the Marriott Hotel, and are given special access to the hotel’s room service and gourmet dining. There’s no better way to live in style than to not only live in a great home, but to have people working for you from the minute that you move in! Colonia Miramonte is a gated resort community.

Colonia Miramonte condos are usually priced in the $1 – $2 million range. Many of these homes have 2-3 full bedrooms and full bathrooms. And as part of being in a gated community, you also have access to several neighborhood features (excluding the hotel service!). There’s an on-site guard, guarded entry, a community pool, a heated pool, and other important service available, including garbage collection and street clean-up. What are you waiting for? Check out these condos today by looking at the listings below.

Colonia Miramonte Homes for Sale

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Colonia Miramonte is located next to hotel property, and has access to its services.

Colonia Miramonte is located in the middle-southern portion of Paradise Valley, just a few blocks east of the Paradise Valley Country Club and north of the Mountain Shadow Resort. Again, these residences are right next to the Marriott Hotel, and share grounds and services with the hotel itself. You gain entrance to Colonia Miramonte through East Lincoln Drive. The single street that winds its way through the gated resort community is known as Marriott Resort Hotel Condominium. There are dozens of residences. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to live in a gated community on resort property!