Desert Vista Estates

D esert Vista estates are located in northeastern Paradise Valley. 13 residences are located on North 70th Street; 2 homes are located on East Fanfol Drive.

Homes for Sale in Desert Vista Estates

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Homes in Desert Vista Estates are in the $1 million range.

When you check out a satellite view of Phoenix or look at it from an airplane, one of the first things you notice is that literally everyone has a swimming pool. With sweltering weather in the summer and warm weather in the winter, you can see why there are thousands of pools located throughout the area. If one home doesn’t have one, odds are that there’s a community pool not very far away!

You can count on getting a swimming pool when you purchase a home in Desert View Estates. Most of the residences also have private tennis courts in their backyards. And keep in mind that most homes in Paradise Valley set on at least one acre of property — Desert View Estates is no exception. The homes consistently have about 5 full bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms a piece, as well as offering a luxurious array of other rooms: an office, a library, a game room, and the like. Everything down to the laundry rooms is luxurious in these homes.

And buying a home in this neighborhood can also be a great deal. The homes here are somewhat less expensive than in other areas in Paradise Valley. With a $1.5 million home, you can also purchase some of the best living in the city, and still get plenty of space and luxury. That’s quite a bang for your buck! Take some time to browse the listings for Desert View Estates, and find your own Paradise in the Desert.