Doubletree Estates & Doubletree Park

The two Doubletree neighborhoods are located north of the Camelback Country Club in northeastern Paradise Valley. Doubletree Estates comprises 30 residences located on North 66th Place, East Horseshoe Road, and East Sunnyvale Road. Doubletree Park is a much smaller neighborhood of five residences located across East Doubletree Ranch Road, with homes also on North Kober Road. Check out homes in the Doubletree neighborhoods by checking out the pictured listings below.

Homes for Sale in Doubletree

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Doubletree Estates is located closely to Chaparral High School, which is just a few minutes’ drive to the north. The Shea Scottsdale Shopping Center also isn’t far. And, of course, the Camelback Country Club is just a block or two away. Wherever you choose to buy a home in Paradise Valley, you’re not far from some of the best services and resort opportunities in all of Arizona.

And don’t worry about the massive size of the golf course — there are busy roads that cross over the golf course itself, making it easier to travel despite the golfers on both sides. And here’s the good news: they don’t try to hit over the roads! (Obviously). There are holes before and after the roads, but not cut in between. So don’t worry about smashed car windows as you drive. Homes near the Camelback Country Club afford some great luxury living in Paradise Valley.

Available real estate in each neighborhood depends on the housing market. There may or may not be several homes for sale in Doubletree right now. Make sure to conduct a search in the search box in the search box for your ideal home listings. There are other pages on this site that make finding the right Paradise Valley home easy to navigate. If you’re interested in neighborhoods in this area specifically, also make sure to check out Cheney Estates and Camelback Country Club Estates.