Gated Communities in Paradise Valley

Residents of Paradise Valley often enjoy private living. It’s a perfect way to have additional privacy in addition to living in a fabulous home. There are around ten gated communities in Paradise Valley, each of them with guarded entry and an on-site guard. On top of privacy, gated communities also provide an extra level of security to maintain your luxurious home purchase.

Depending on the community that you purchase your home in, you could also receive a number of luxurious amenities. Colonia Miramonte and Montelucia Villas are gated communities where services are provided for you on your property.

Other neighborhoods, such as Clearwater Hills or La Place du Sommet, offer a gated community but without the collective living — a great place to have the privacy of your mansion, but under an extra level of security. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more neighborhood gated communities in Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Homes in Gated Communities

Check out the listings below. When you see a home that catches your fancy, click on the photo of that home to be taken to more additional information and photos. These are just the highest-priced listings. For more listings, please visit Paradise Valley Gated Communities.

So, depending on the value of the home you’re looking for, you cold get different results in this gated community search. Higher-end homes ($3 million+) usually afford space over amenities (though, of course, the homes themselves are quite stellar). Lower-priced homes may not afford you quite as much privacy, but there sure are a lot of benefits to living in a close-knit community with amenities like swimming pools, concierge, cable TV, etc. It all depends on your preference!

Gated Communities in Paradise Valley: