Martingale Farms Neighborhood

M artingale Farms is located in northern Paradise Valley. There are 16 homes in Martingale Farms. The main street that runs through the neighborhood is North Martingale Road. There is one cul-de-sac at the end of North Martingale, another at the end of East Sanna Street, and another at the end of East Arabian Way. You access Martingale Farms by turning in from East Doubletree Ranch Road.

The homes of Martingale Farms look like you’re typical American neighborhood: homes, yards, and space. But the homes are far from typical–they fit into the category of “Paradise Valley Luxurious!” The homes here can be upwards of $5 million. Search the listings below to find the right home for you in Martingale Farms.

Martingale Farms Homes for Sale

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Martingale Farms is a luxurious & contemporary neighborhood in Paradise Valley.

Let us emphasize again how beautiful and well-kept the yards are in Martingale Farms! Water doesn’t come cheap to sunny Arizona. Even in Paradise Valley, where the median home price is close to $2 million, a luxury home doesn’t necessarily guarantee a grassy lawn. But in Martingale Farms, everyone has a lawn — suggesting just how affluent and contemporary the people are who live there. And each home has at least one acre of property, per Paradise Valley city standards.

Whatever kind of home you prefer, buying a home in Martingale Farms is a good investment. And don’t just think about the outside — every home has the perfect features and amenities available throughout Paradise Valley. Feel free to browse our listings above! Many homes are available in the $3 million range.