Montana de Bonitas Casas

M ontana de Bonitas Casas in Spanish means “mountain of beautiful homes.” The dozen residences of this neighborhood are indeed beautiful, and are often priced between $2 – $6 million. The homes are located close to Paradise Valley Country Club, right on the southwestern slopes of Mummy Mountain in central Paradise Valley. Mountain homes are always luxurious, and so are homes close to golf courses. Here in Montana de Bonitas Casas, you get the best of both those worlds!

Homes for Sale in Montana de Bonitas Casas

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When the neighborhood is named the “Mountain of Beautiful Houses,” you know you’re living a luxurious area.

Okay, let’s be honest. As you’ve searched this website, you’ve noticed that over and over again we emphasize just how luxurious Paradise Valley is. How the city founders wanted it that way, how the median home price is $2 million, how each property has at least an acre, etc., etc., etc. But here’s the thing: we arent’ kidding! We keep emphasizing all of these facts to show just how luxurious Paradise Valley really is. When you buy a home here, you really never get anything short of luxury.

Just look at some of these homes. Waterfalls, movie theaters, game rooms, swimming pools, fantastic mountain views, the whole nine yards. Ten yards, if you will, considering that there’s no city in Arizona that can even compare with the luxury living of Paradise Valley.

And Montana de Bonitas Casas is no different. Browse mountaintop homes right here on this page. Just think of it: Paradise Valley is within your grasp!

Streets in Montana de Bonitas Casas: North Las Brisas Lane and Easy Cheney Drive. You access these streets from North Shadow Mountain Road.