Mountain View Neighborhood

M ountain View is a neighborhood in central Paradise Valley, right next to the Franciscan Renewal Center and across from the Finisterre gated community. A lot of the street names are named after birds: Cactus Wren Road, Cardinal Drive, Red Wing Road, and White Wing Road. North 60th Street, North 61st Street, and North 61st Place are run through this neighborhood. There are 20 or residences located in Mountain View.

Homes for Sale in Mountain View

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There is no place in Paradise Valley without a “mountain view.”

Phoenix is located in a valley. As the Phoenix metro area continues to expand, the population continues to push to the mountains. Paradise Valley is located higher in the mountains than Phoenix, though still on a more flat valley — its just higher in elevation. Several of the homes are located on mountain slopes. The peaks themselves are much too rocky to build a house on, but real estate developers have so far gotten very close!

There are several well-known peaks in the area. Camelback Mountain, located in Echo Canyon Park, is perhaps the most well-known, and according to Phoenix residents, is the most well-recognized peak in the Phoenix area. There are other peaks, too, found in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. The mountains here could probably be more accurately described as big rocks jutting out of the earth (very big rocks!). A lot of the peaks are hotspots for rock climbing enthusiasts. The peaks are also home to some fantastic desert wildlife.

Mountain View itself is called so because everywhere you look in Paradise Valley, there’s bound to be a mountain. Enjoy mountain views by checking out homes right here in Paradise Valley!