Neighborhoods on Mummy Mountain

Mummy Mountain Park, Mummy Mountain Estates, Mummy Mountain Vista & Mummy Mountain Norte


M ummy Mountain is one of the prominent peaks in the Phoenix area — the 2,000-foot peak rises right in the middle of Paradise Valley. One of the original land developers of the mountain thought that the shape of the mountain looked like “an Egyptian mummy lying down,” and the name stuck. Part of the mountain is preserved for conservation, but other parts of it have been opened for decades for real estate development.

La Place du Sommet, a gated community, is the closest neighborhood to Mummy Mountain’s summit. But there are several other neighborhoods on its slopes and in the surrounding area bearing Mummy Mountain’s name. To see more information about the mountain itself or about its neighborhoods, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Homes for Sale Near Mummy Mountain

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Mummy Mountain has some of Paradise Valley’s most valuable homes.

Mummy Mountain is not in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, and thus has had more extensive real estate development on its slopes than any other peak in the Paradise Valley area. There are several portions of the mountain, however, that are protected The Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust. The trust is primarily operated by the City of Paradise Valley. Over 200 acres of the mountain have been preserved. Some of the most luxurious homes are for sale near Mummy Mountain — sometimes in the $10 million+ range. There are four neighborhoods that bear the name of “Mummy Mountain.” The largest neighborhood is Mummy Mountain Park.

Mummy Mountain Park. This large neighborhood has dozens of homes. It is located on the eastern slopes of Mummy Mountain, just down the road from the gated community of La Place du Sommet. The homes are located between East Mockingbird Lane and East Hummingbird Lane, and all of the streets in between. Many of the houses here are in the multi-million-dollar range.

Mummy Mountain Estates. Mummy Mountain Estates is located on the northern slopes of Mummy Mountain, and comprises about 15 residences. The neighborhood is located on East Mockingbird Lane, North Mummy Mountain Road, and East Roadrunner Lane.

Mummy Mountain Vista.Mummy Mountain Vista comprises a handful of homes on East Cholla Drive, just east of Mummy Mountain Park.

Mummy Mountain Norte.Mummy Mountain Norte (North) is higher on the northern slopes of Mummy Mountain than Mummy Mountain Estates, comprising several luxury homes on North Saguaro Drive.