Homes with Swimming Pools

Take it from us: if you live in Arizona, you’re going to want to have a home with a swimming pool! Paradise Valley has pretty mild temperatures in the winter months, but when it comes to summer, you’re going to be aching for a pool.

Cool down by finding a home with a swimming pool that fits your needs. It’s not the only feature to consider when buying a new home, but you also don’t want to miss out on being able to take a dip when the temperatures spike over 100F.

Swimming Pool Homes for Sale in Paradise Valley

When you see a home you like, click on a the picture to learn more about it. And keep in mind that there are hundreds of homes listed with swimming pools — it’s Arizona! Go to Get Cool with a Pool Home to see more listings.

E veryone has a pool in the desert sun of Arizona. Just look out of your airplane window the next time you fly over Phoenix, or take a look at a satellite image on Google Maps — everyone has a pool! These are private pools, of course, located in backyards. There may be more than one, a lap pool, a heated pool, a spa — you name it, Arizonans love the water. Having a pool is the best way to cool down in Phoenix!