Stone Canyon Neighborhood

Stone Canyon & Stone Canyon East


The Stone Canyon neighborhoods are located on the northern slopes of Camelback Mountain, which is located in the beautiful Echo Canyon nature preserve. These homes are sandwiched in between East McDonald Drive and Camelback Mountain. These homes are for you if you like living high on mountain slopes, don’t mind being far away from neighbors, and enjoy mountain views out of every window.

Stone Canyon Homes for Sale

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Camelback Mountain is your backyard in Stone Canyon.

Camelback Mountain is recognized as one of the Phoenix area’s most loved features. All around the mountain is housing developments and neighborhoods — the high peak rises in the midst of it all. Some of the homes are right underneath the mountain peak itself.

The neighborhood is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, a beautiful mountain resort.

As you drive through the streets of Stone Canyon, you’ll see desert shrubs on every side. You’ll also notice the red, sunburned rocks. And no matter where you go in Paradise Valley, you’re bound to find a saguaro cactus or two thrown in with a dash of desert palm trees.

Yes, Paradise Valley is a desert. But people have been working for decades to turn the city into one of the most fantastic and welcome oases in all of the Phoenix region. Take a cool sip of Paradise Valley waters today and check out the homes in Stone Canyon. All of the best listings are right here available at your fingertips!

The streets in Stone Canyon include East McDonald Drive, North 52nd Place, East Palo Verde Drive, North 54th Street, North 55th Place, East Solano Drive, East San Miguel Avenue, and North 52nd Place.