Homes Under $1 Million

Looking for affordable housing in Paradise Valley? Look no further. We have some of the best listings for homes under $1 million here on this website.

See the homes in the box below? They represent some of the best home listings in Paradise Valley. Take some time and look at each of them. Each home has its own unique design and specialty.

There are literally dozens of homes for you to look at. When you see one you like, click on the listing to get additional information and access to more great photos.

Homes in Paradise Valley AZ Under $1 Million

These are just some of the homes listed under $1 million. The newest listings, in fact. Click the following link to see more home listings in this price range: Homes Under 1 Million.

There are many affordable homes in Paradise Valley.

True, the median housing price for Paradise Valley is close to $2 million. But there are many affordable houses for sale, too. Here on this website, we’ve listed some great homes for you to browse–and not a cent more than $999,999!

With an affordable home in Paradise Valley, you can still have access to all the great schools and services offered in the city. You are also close to Phoenix and the greater Phoenix metro area. But here’s the secret: you don’t have to pay quite so much for your home as your neighbors do! (And here’s another great secret: many of the more affordable homes in the area are still smokin’ nice!).

It’s worth it to get a broad spectrum of the kind of homes in Paradise Valley that you’re looking for. Choose 5 or so homes that you think might be in the right price range for you. Then explore each of the homes, looking for number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Then you can check out individual neighborhoods by using this website to see if the home is the right fit for you. Who knows–you could find your new home today!